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Oligomers for Flexibility

Oligomers for Flexibility

Various Bomar® oligomers can be used to impart flexibility to coatings, inks, and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). These oligomers can be used as the main oligomer or as a co-oligomer. Bomar oligomers are used in applications ranging from thermoformable coatings to highly stretchable inks. Please speak with our Sales and/or Technical Teams to learn more about the properties of the oligomers.

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Oligomers for Flexibity

OligomerApplicationsFeatures & BenefitsViscosity, cPTg 
BR-116 Steel-Bonding Coatings
Glass-Bonding Coatings
Soft Touch Coatings
Adhesion Promoter for Coatings
Improves adhesion; enhances flexibility; low color; provides softness; gloss finish; exhibits hydrolytic stability; oil & chemical resistant; low shrinkage 80,000 at 25°C -18°C Request a Sample
BR-345 Rapid Prototyping Ideal for 3D printing resins; color stability; low moisture absorption; low Tg and very high elongation (especially with 50% IBOA); soft surface hardness; provides impact resistance 46,000
at 25°C
-57°C Request a Sample
BR-3641AJ Adhesion Promoter
Reactive Tackifier
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Optical clarity; exhibits hydrolytic stability; resilience; tenacious adhesion; enhances weatherability; non-yellowing 24,000 at 50°C -50°C Request a Sample
BR-3741 Roof Coatings
Floor Coatings
Enhances softness and flexibility; very low color; non-yellowing; resistant to abrasion, weathering, and physical impact 60,000
at 25°C
-51°C Request a Sample
BR-3741AJ Reactive Tackifier
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesion Promoter
Enhances flexibility; non-yellowing; optically clear; provides softness; adheres to a wide range of substrates; exhibits hydrolytic stability 40,000 at 50°C -50°C Request a Sample
BR-744BT Nail Gel Coating
Vacuum Metalized Coatings
Plastic Coatings
UV Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)
Improves adhesion; provides impact resistance; enhances flexibility; non-yellowing; weather resistant; low MEHQ levels 44,500
at 60°C
-18°C Request a Sample
BRC-4421 3D Printing Resins Improved balance of flexibility and toughness; excellent hydrophobicity; acid, alkaline, and abrasion resistance; non-yellowing 7,000 at 60°C 48°C Request a Sample