UV/Visible Light Curable Coatings

Dymax Oligomers & Coatings remains committed to helping our customers meet their most difficult application challenges. We partner with them to develop proprietary formulated products that meet the precise needs of their specific applications. In addition to neat oligomers, we offer custom solutions including:

  • Diluted and partially formulated mixtures of performance oligomers with specialty monomers and other performance additives
  • Toll and custom manufacture of formulated coatings and systems
  • Proprietary Dymax in-house formulated coatings solutions.

Please contact Technical Support for information regarding development of these proprietary custom-produced products.

Dymax Corporation currently provides a line of adhesive coatings that provide chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance in a range of applications including printed circuit boards, mobile phones, laptop computers, and automotive control keypads. Dymax dome and decorative coatings protect labels, badges, pens, decals, and other novelties. These high viscosity coatings are engineered for producing curved domes, which optically magnify and enhance the appearance of labels and images.

Conformal Coatings

Dymax UV light-cure conformal coatings protect printed circuit boards from service environments in high-reliability applications within the military, aerospace, medical, automotive, appliance, and telecom industries. Conformal coatings are often applied to PCBs to improve circuit reliability in harsh environments and are engineered to protect boards from humidity, dust, fungus, and other contaminants that can cause current leakage or corrosion.

  • Flexible grades enhance thermal cycling performance
  • Rigid grades provide chemical resistance in harsh environments
  • Available in an array of MIL-I-46058C listed, IPC-CC-830-B approved, and UL recognized formulations
  • Solvent free, Halogen-Free, and low VOCs
  • Secondary or moisture-cure coatings available to address shadow-cure areas
  • Some coatings contain fluorescing agents for easy quality inspection

Dome & Decorative Coatings

Dymax solvent-free light-curable dome and decorative coatings create protective coatings on labels, badges, pens, decals, and other novelties. Instant, on-demand-cure from UV/Visible light helps to "lock out" airborne contamination, creating crystal-clear coatings. Consistent adhesive viscosity allows for even product flow, producing uniform domes, and resulting in fewer rejects. Higher-viscosity coatings are engineered for producing curved domes, which optically magnify and enhance the appearance of labels and images.

  • Fast cure = reduced work in process and less inventory
  • No mixing, racks, or ovens = saved floor space
  • No mercury and isocyanates = fewer disposal and health and safety issues

Keypad Coatings

Dymax light-curable keypad coatings are designed to be molded onto plastic films and act as an outer layer of interfaces, including keypads. The molding process facilitates 3-D designs for contoured profiles, shapes, and textures for use on various devices including mobile phones, laptop computers, and automotive controls.

  • Compatible with common keypad backing substrates such as PET and polycarbonate
  • Unlimited range of coloring/design options
  • Supports ultra-thin device form factors
  • Enhanced tactile response

Keypad coatings offer design flexibility while performing to stringent interface requirements including most common chemical resistance, impact, abrasion, and pencil-hardness specifications. Setup costs are minimal compared to similar performing keypads that require injection molds and fast cure enables quick prototyping and improved product throughput.